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Stay safe on adnow.lk

At adnow.lk we are 100% committed to making sure that your experience on our site is as safe as possible.

Here you can find advice on how to stay safe while trading on adnow.lk.


Buyer Safety Tips:

-The location must be secure where you meet the seller.

-Also, ensure to check the items before paying.

-Stay away from unreasonable offers, and if something is available at really low prices then the users need to check it properly.

-Do not make an abrupt decision, especially for the house rentals.

-To enjoy a safe and dispute-free deal, it is best to inspect and collect and then pay to close the deal.

-If you have unclear details about the item then clarify before buying.

-Check the delivery terms, mode of payment and the price.

-Also, do not give anyone your financial information and select the payment option that is comfortable for you.

-You can also hire third party services to know the condition of the item you are planning to purchase. -Compare the prices before making the purchase.


Seller Safety Tips:

-Make sure that you get the full payment for the services or goods that you advertise in our site before closing the deal.

-The location you plan to meet the buyer must be a safe place.

-Before accepting the money orders or currency notes, check them thoroughly.

-Be honest with the ad you post and enjoy a direct customer experience.

-One of the most important things is to not disclose financial or personal information other than what is needed for the payment in the free classifieds sites.


Ads to be reported:

The "Report This Ad" button can be easily found at the bottom of every listing on ads details Ad Page. Report the ads that seem spam or engaging on other illegal activities like trademark violations or discrimination. When a listing is reported, it can easily be processed by safety and trust and also the users can be removed if found in violation of Terms of Use.


We work continuously to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable experience on adnow.lk

Feel Free to Contact Us, if you suspect fraud; please bring it to our notice. If you have been cheated, we also recommend that you contact your local police department.


adnow.lk.in is committed to ensuring the privacy of its users and therefore does not share information about its users publicly. However, we are committed to the safety of our users and will cooperate with the police department should we receive any requests for information in connection with fraudulent or other criminal activity.